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Seven Crowdfunding Tools To Help You Get More Backers

Ask any innovator, and they’ll tell you that their work is only as good as their tools. After all, the right tools can make your job as an entrepreneur much easier. This is particularly true for crowdfunders, but not every crowdfunding platform offers a robust suite of features to help entrepreneurs amplify their campaigns, customize their perks, and measure success. However, Indiegogo’s platform has a number of exclusive features that can support you on your journey to success. In this article, we explain the dedicated tools that you can find on Indiegogo.

Want to learn how to incorporate these tools into a holistic campaign strategy? Fill out the form on the right to download our Perk Strategy Guide. 

Tools to Build Momentum

You can’t spell “crowdfunding” without “crowd.” Build an early audience with this important Indiegogo tool. 

Pre-Launch Page

The majority of successful campaigns hit their campaign goal in the first three days. That’s because those entrepreneurs work hard to build their email lists prior to launch, since emails convert 34% more than other forms of outreach. By building a Pre-Launch Page on Indiegogo, you can build an audience and collect email addresses before your campaign launches. Pre-Launch Pages also allow you to use one URL for all of your crowdfunding promotion, as a Pre-Launch Page converts to your campaign page after you launch.

See it in action

The Pilot team collected over 30,000 email addresses on their Pre-Launch Page for their in-ear translator, and thanks to that momentum, they raised over $1M in two hours when their campaign launched.

Tools to Track Results

Indiegogo is a data-driven crowdfunding platform, and offers a number of powerful tools for analyzing your campaign. Here are some of the exclusive tools you can use to track and understand your data.

Facebook Pixel Integration

Promoting your campaign in paid Facebook Ads? Then you’ll want to track your analytics to understand how to tweak your marketing strategy, get a handle on whether your ad spend is giving you the ROI you want, and determine whether your page visits are converting. Indiegogo is the only crowdfunding platform that lets you use a Facebook Pixel to get analytics on your page visits, page conversions, and more. Don’t waste your time and money on Facebook Ads without a way to track results.

See it in action:

There are three different events that are tracked on Indiegogo campaign pages – viewContent, addToCart, and Purchase. Install a pixel on your main campaign page, checkout page, and thank you pages to populate a dashboard and find out what actions visitors to your campaign page are taking when they find your campaign from a Facebook ad.

Google Pixel integration

Google Analytics is a powerful asset for getting insight into your campaign, and Indiegogo is the only crowdfunding platform with a Google Analytics integration. GA can help you get into a wealth of advanced use cases to make sense of campaign page behavior. In addition to the basic tracking capabilities Google provides, Indiegogo’s Google Pixel integration will also give you ecommerce and UTM code tracking. Install the Google Pixel on your campaign pages and get a dashboard full of insights on how people are finding your campaign page and what they’re doing when they get there.

See it in action:

Ecommerce tracking is used to track a visitor’s transaction data to get data on campaign revenue. You can pair ecommerce tracking with UTM tracking codes to understand revenue sources. Get a full picture of what marketing efforts are bringing in the most conversions and highest funding amounts. 

Tools to Maximize Perk Potential

Perks are a great way to incentivize people to fund your idea. No matter what you choose to offer — an early version of your product, a pack of cool accessories, a promotional t-shirt — it’s a good idea to give your backers a physical reward. Campaigns that offer perks raise 143% more than campaigns that don’t. Indiegogo offers a number of tools for getting the most out of your perks. For more information on how to tie these tools into a holistic perk strategy, fill out the form on the right to download our Indiegogo Perk Strategy Guide.

Perk Item Options

Your backers like choice, so why not give the people what they want? With Perk Item Options, you can ask for item preference information (size, color, etc) alongside each Perk you offer. Indicate the different options when you set up your perks on the campaign page, and your backers will be prompted to make their choice when they contribute.  

See it in action:

Your backers will be required to make their selections as they click through the pay flow, and they’ll see a screen similar to this one below. 

Secret Perks

Want a fun way to make backers feel special? Secret Perks lets you create a perk that can only be seen by people who have access to a unique link. Distribute your secret perks link to reward early backers, offer an exclusive discount, run a cross-promotion with another campaign, and more. For ideas on how to use a Secret Perk, check out these five ways to use secret perks for crowdfunding magic.

See it in action:

Campaigners have used Secret Perks to both reward loyalty and attract new backers at the same time. Talk about a win-win! People who have the unique link can see the secret perk on your campaign page:

While everyone else sees:

Add-On Perks

Seamlessly upsell to your backers with Add-On Perks. This feature lets you offer a secondary perk option that your backers can select when buying a perk. For example, you could offer a toiletry bag as a secondary perk with a luggage purchase, or a battery pack with an electronics purchase. Ultimately, this tool makes your campaign page and purchasing flow more streamlined, and it encourages backers to consider additional perk options.  

See it in action:

Indiegogo campaign Maxfoot used Add-On Perks to offer a variety of accessories and upgrades to their eBike. “The add-on feature makes it easy for backers,” the Maxfoot team told Indiegogo. “Backers love the ability to add everything together in one order.” After selecting a perk and clicking “BACK IT,” supporters were taken to the pre-checkout page, which featured a list of “Perks you may also like.” Here’s how it looked for backers:

Custom FAQ 

Whether it’s shipping information, product details, or payment options, questions are going to come up. Make it easy for backers to find the answers they need by making your own FAQ. Use it as a way to give your audience as much information as possible to help them decide whether or not to back your campaign. 

See it in action:

Your FAQ appears on a separate tab on your Indiegogo campaign page. Draw attention to it in your campaign page by suggesting that your audience check it out to answer any questions they might have. 

Enhancing Your Campaign with Tools

Any task is easier when you use a tool built specifically for the job.  No matter what you’re trying to achieve, the right tool can save you time, energy, and money. Set your crowdfunding campaign up for success on Indiegogo, and be sure to check out these exclusive tools for expanding, tweaking, promoting, and analyzing your campaign. 

Want to learn even more about how to use these tools? Enter your email address in the form on the right to download our Perk Strategy Guide, and learn how to use our perk tools to create an irresistible perk offering.

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