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Indiegogo InDemand

Take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey with InDemand, a post-campaign funding solution that bridges the gap between crowdfunding and commerce.

What happens after your crowdfunding campaign?

You have successfully reached your crowdfunding goal — now what? With Indiegogo InDemand, you can continue to raise funds and build your backer community after your campaign ends.

Keep raising funds post-campaign

You’ve reached your original funding goal and built a lot of momentum in the process. InDemand lets you capitalize on your success by allowing you to keep raising money as you start production, manufacture and deliver your product. Plus, it’s easy to get started, so you can be up and running in just minutes.

Continue telling your story and build on your campaign page

Your crowdfunding campaign tells your company’s story. Not only that, but your campaign page provides a unique form of social validation from your backers. InDemand allows you to build upon this page post-campaign as you interact with and grow your community.

Reach new audiences and receive ongoing exposure on Indiegogo

Tap into Indiegogo’s audience of innovation seekers who are actively looking for clever new products to back and bring to life. Whether through, weekly newsletters or our social channels, 15 million people visit Indiegogo each month.

How InDemand Works

Opt in when you start

Simply check the “Opt in to InDemand” box on the last step of the Campaign Editor – no need to wait until your campaign is live.


Hit your campaign goal

Once your crowdfunding campaign is live, follow our helpful campaign management tips to ensure you hit your goal. We know you can do it!


Move into InDemand

When your crowdfunding campaign ends, you’ll automatically move into InDemand. Update your page to optimize it for the InDemand stage of your campaign, and continue raising funds without setting a new fundraising goal or deadline date.

Getting started

Launching with Indiegogo makes it seamless to transition into InDemand to continue building momentum after your campaign ends. However, if you met your goal on another crowdfunding platform, you can still transition into InDemand by simply creating a draft of your InDemand page leveraging the content for your original campaign. Do not try to launch your page just yet. If you launch before speaking with our team, your page will not be reflected as an InDemand page and you will have to recreate it.


Submit your campaign draft

Send the link of your campaign draft to, as well as a link to your previous campaign, for approval and confirmation of previous funds.


Enter InDemand

Flow directly into InDemand as soon as your original campaign ends to capitalize on the momentum you built. Set up a redirect from your original campaign page and inform your community about your move to InDemand! Check out tips for success on InDemand.

Ready to get started?

Reach out to our InDemand team to talk about the next step for your project.

InDemand Success Stories

In June 2016, Mifold had shipped 20,000 pre-orders and raised $3.3M from investors. As of September 2016, it was the most-funded kid's product in all of crowdfunding.
See InDemand Page

After raising over $416K from its initial campaign, the Mous Limitless iPhone Case & SAMSUNG S8 Case brought in an additional $1.8M in InDemand.
See InDemand Page

This solid titanium ear protector collected more than $1.6M through InDemand, doubling their initial funds raised to a total of $2.3M, and expanding product add-on options for backers.
See InDemand Page

InDemand FAQs

How is InDemand different from my Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign?

InDemand is the bridge between crowdfunding and commerce. InDemand is available to all campaigners after they meet their original campaign goal. It is a post-campaign solution that allows you to continue raising funds as you develop your product. Unlike crowdfunding campaigns, InDemand is not based on a fixed fundraising goals. InDemand is built to be flexible; there are no fixed timelines and there is the ability to change the perks offered throughout, like raising prices as you get closer to the ship date. Campaigners still get access to the same analytics and engagement tools as during their original campaign.

Can I edit my campaign story and perks once I’m in InDemand?

Yes! You can edit your title, tagline, URL, video, pitch description, media, team, payment details and perks during your live crowdfunding campaign and during InDemand. In fact, we recommend that you edit your perks in order to optimize your page for InDemand. You will not be able to edit your original funding goal, funding type, currency or any perks that have already been claimed.

How will Indiegogo promote my campaign?

Promotion is largely based on activity – the more active you are and the more of your community you bring to Indiegogo, the more promotion you can expect to receive. We also regularly feature campaigns on our blog, newsletter, and social media channels.

What are the fees for participating in InDemand?

If your original campaign ran on Indiegogo, platform fees are 5%, plus an additional ~3% for payment processing fees.

When do I get my money?

After your original campaign deadline, funds are sent to your account within 15 business days. After this initial disbursement, funds raised in InDemand are disbursed to you every 4 weeks.

How do I opt out?

Send a request to  


Can I join InDemand if I successfully raised money on another platform?

Absolutely! InDemand is a great way to build upon the success of your original crowdfunding campaign while tapping into a new community.

Why should I use InDemand instead of my own pre-order platform?

Launching on InDemand allows you to benefit from social validation built into your InDemand page, as well as Indiegogo’s community of early adopters, partnerships, and resources. By running on InDemand, you get access to features in Indiegogo’s newsletters and promotional tools.

What are the fees for participating in InDemand?

Platform fees are 8%, plus an additional ~3% for payment processing fees.

How are my previous funds reflected on my InDemand page?

As soon as you join InDemand, your previous funds will be the total displayed and any further contributions will increase that number. There is an icon on your page that indicates the amount of money that was raised another platform. Be sure to submit your page to before launch to have those funds reflected.

When do I get my money?

On InDemand, funds are disbursed to you every 4 weeks. 

Can I edit my campaign story and perks once I’m in InDemand?

Yes! You can edit your title, tagline, URL, video, pitch description, media, team, payment details and perks during your live crowdfunding campaign and during InDemand. In fact, we recommend that you edit your perks in order to optimize your page for InDemand. You will not be able to edit your original funding goal, funding type, currency or any perks that have already been claimed.

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