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Indiegogo Film Booster Pack: Upgrade your Film campaign to the next level


For film creators and storytellers, creating a campaign page for an upcoming project can be a long, frustrating ordeal. What comes first and what goes last? What should be highlighted and what not? How many perks should you offer and what should they look like to get the most out of your campaign?


Curated and built by Indiegogo’s Crowdfunding Experts

This Indiegogo Film Booster Pack is the product of years of data collection, hundreds of conversations with entrepreneurs, and the combined know-how of our Indiegogo team. Designed to help up-and-coming filmmakers and storytellers make the most out of their Indiegogo experience, it is the ultimate resource for reaching your crowdfunding goals.



The Film Campaign Strategy Guide

This handbook is designed to help and support our community of independent filmmakers. Learn how to prepare your campaign, build an audience and launch with success.

What’s inside:

The tools to succeed: Explore all the tools that will help you fund and create your film.
Prepare and create: Expert tips on how to set up, prepare and create a crowdfunding campaign for your film
Tell your story: Explore techniques and best practices for telling a compelling story through your campaign.



A Conversion-Optimized Page for Film Campaigns


We know what it takes to build a compelling campaign page that tells your story, translates your unique value propositions clearly and speaks to your audience — so we thought, why not share our knowledge and experience with our entrepreneurs? Born was the idea of a Conversion-Optimized Campaign Page Template, paired with a Comprehensive Strategy Guide, specifically made for our Film entrepreneurs.
Best of all? You will save a lot of time in getting your campaign up and ready.



Plug & Play: Just add your content and you’re good to go — it’s that quick and simple



: Want to add a section or move things around? No worries — you can use our standard Content Editor to make edits as you like!



Data-driven Design
: With many years of experience in helping entrepreneurs, we built the probably best performing campaign page template there is.





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Optimize your Campaign Page and raise more with our Booster Pack.

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