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Indiegogo Virtual Hangouts

Get inspired, and connect LIVE with the folks behind your favorite crowdfunding campaigns.

About Virtual Hangouts

Since 2020, Indiegogo has been bringing together clever campaigns and their most passionate, engaged fans for a series of live conversations — from AMAs to product demos to fireside chats. Crowdfunding backers got up close and personal with the people behind the projects they’ve supported, made friends with like-minded folks, and pick up tips around entrepreneurship, productivity, and other topics they were interested in.

For the week of #EarthDay, join us for a series of live roundtable panels with crowdfunding changemakers. Together, we’ll tackle the planet’s urgent issues, share community stories, and discuss opportunities in crowdfunding that will make a lasting, positive impact on our environment. You’ll hear from entrepreneurs and creators on the future of green tech, sustainable fashion, electric transportation, the perils of greenwashing, and more!

Browse the Full Lineup for April 20-22

Every session is free to join. Upon signing up, you'll get a Zoom link to join the live session on the scheduled date and time.

Electric Transportation: E-Bikes, Marketing Capital, and a $1.3M Crowdfunding Campaign

Tuesday, April 20th at 12pm PT / 3pm ET
Join us and learn how Roshan Thomas, CEO and Founder of Biktrix leveraged Indiegogo's partnership with Clearbanc to help raise over $1.3M for his E-Bike campaign. Learn about his entrepreneur journey, advice for those just starting out, and how Clearbanc might be able to help with your campaign as well.

Watch the Panel Recording on Facebook or YouTube

Changemakers in Fashion: Making Style Sustainable and Circular

Wednesday, April 21st at 8am PT / 11am ET
The global fashion industry’s massive carbon and wastewater footprint has negatively impacted our planet. Hear from changemaker entrepreneurs about the challenges, opportunities, best practices, and crowdfunding's role in moving towards a future where fashion is sustainable, circular, fair, and accessible to all.

Watch the Panel Recording on Facebook or YouTube

Real Talk: The Perils of Greenwashing in Crowdfunding
Wednesday, April 21st at 11am PT / 2pm ET
A recent study found that a supermajority of crowdfunding campaigns are at risk of greenwashing, and in turn — it's time to raise the profile of greenwashing in crowdfunding; which is precisely what these eco-minded campaigners and conservationists are prepared to do!  The panelists below will be alerting our community to what greenwashing is, the challenges it poses, and what campaigners and backers alike can do to spot it.
Watch the Panel Recording on Facebook or YouTube

Crowdfunding for Environmental Impact
Thursday, April 22nd at 10am PT / 1pm ET
Meet the founders who launched everyday products to help you go green! Join us for a roundtable discussion with the founders of KALEA, Kuli Kuli, The One Bottle, and Tevaplanter. We'll get to know the stories behind each product, the ideation and creation journey, crowdfunding community insights, and learn how these products were built and designed with a positive impact on our planet in mind.

Watch the Panel Recording on Facebook or YouTube

The Future of Green Tech with Arrow and GoSun

Thursday, April 22nd at 12pm PT / 3pm ET
Join us as we discuss the future of green tech and the entrepreneur journey of Indiegogo blockbuster campaigner Patrick Sherwin, CEO of GoSun. Meghan Quinn from Arrow Electronics will be leading the conversation as we learn about GoSun’s products, campaign success, and how green tech is evolving.

Watch the Panel Recording on Facebook or YouTube

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