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Case Study

Vinpok Goes Big: Chinese Startup Raises $3M with Hands-On Support from VIP Services

Vinpok made the leap from six-figure crowdfunding launches to a seven-figure blockbuster when they enlisted Indiegogo’s VIP Services to hone and perfect their branding, messaging, and positioning.

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product image

Vinpok creates Macbook accessories that make remote work more convenient. Vinpok was founded in 2017.

Hong Kong, China


Computer Accessories


Jackie Yang

Vinpok is a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2017. The team enrolled in the Indiegogo China Global Fast-Track Program and ran three crowdfunding campaigns in two years, raising $496,000 in total for their customizable Macbook accessories. But they raised over $3 million for their fourth campaign, the Vinpok Split, when they enlisted the Global Fast-Track Program’s VIP Services. Indiegogo offers VIP Services as an added tier of hands-on support for select campaigners that are in the program.

By the Numbers: How Vinpok’s New Positioning Brought Them Success

$3.5M+ Raised

Vinpok raised a total of $3.5M+ over four campaigns

$3M+ Raised

Vinpok Split raised over $3M with help from Indiegogo’s VIP program


of Vinpok Split’s revenue was driven by Indiegogo’s marketing


Vinpok’s average campaign raise increased by 136% after working with Indiegogo VIP Services


of Vinpok Split’s backers were already part of Indiegogo’s community


people bought a Vinpok Split through Indiegogo
A Rocketship to the Big Leagues

Project manager Brian Gao and his team at Vinpok knew that their company’s long-term success depended on building a brand. But even after three campaigns, Brian and his team still didn’t have a precise sense of their positioning and target customer. They wanted their crowdfunding campaign for the Vinpok Split, a portable touchscreen monitor, to be their biggest launch yet.

Vinpok identified three objectives that would help the Vinpok Split raise over $1 million:


  • Craft distinctive messaging and positioning that went beyond their products to promote the aspirational lifestyle Vinpok helped backers achieve

  • Develop customer personas to understand their buyers and pain points they were trying to solve

  • Establish a brand philosophy and distill what made Vinpok stand out from the competition

But these goals required intensive market research and consumer analysis, and Vinpok didn’t have the resources, time, or expertise to do it themselves.

The Value of Knowing the Customer

Vinpok was selected to receive VIP Services before they launched the Vinpok Split, and Indiegogo went to work locking down who Vinpok was as a brand, how they differed from competitors and, most importantly, what that meant for potential backers.


They performed competitive analysis and user testing to distill what gave Vinpok a competitive advantage and developed a brand philosophy around the aspirational lifestyle that Vinpok would help users achieve — all well before launch.


The brand and positioning help from Indiegogo’s VIP Services made a big difference. Vinpok’s first three campaigns all hit their goals, raising $10K, $203K, and $283K respectively.


But with the help of VIP Services, the Vinpok Split raised nearly $3M with 13,082 backers. The VIP Services team also featured the Vinpok Split prominently on the Indiegogo homepage and in newsletters, giving them widespread exposure to the global Indiegogo community. “We raised over $615K in just one week, and Split continued to go strong and sell like hot cakes,” says Brian Gao, Project Director at Vinpok. “We worked with Indiegogo to promote the Vinpok Split campaign to a point where it received a lot of positive feedback and also a lot of funds.”


Indiegogo’s professional skills and teamwork impressed me a lot. Indiegogo is a great platform for innovative products. We have more products waiting in line to launch in the near future!
Brian Gao
Project Manager, Vinpok

What Are VIP Services?


VIP Services are deluxe campaign and marketing resources selectively offered as part of the Indiegogo China Fast-Track Program. Qualifying entrepreneurs get hands-on assistance throughout their campaign.



How Indiegogo’s VIP Services Helped Vinpok

Market and Competitive Research

Who are the other players on the field? Indiegogo helped Vinpok learn about similar products already on the market, and did research to understand the demographics of those buyers. They learned that Vinpok could position themselves as offering something Mac users never had before -- namely, an auxiliary touchscreen that can be used in different orientations and on different devices.

Audience Listening

What are potential customers saying? Indiegogo used social media, Amazon, and other platforms to see what people were saying about products in similar categories. For example, conversations about portable monitors were usually tagged with the hashtag #productivity, which helped Vinpok understand that work efficiency was the key selling point to emphasize as opposed to, say, the ability to play games with the monitor.

Persona Building

Who would use the Vinpok Split, and how would they use it? Indiegogo worked with Vinpok to develop three target personas -- business travelers, designers, and students. They created distinct value propositions for each of these personas that would help inform messaging.

Brand Philosophy and Positioning

From a birds-eye view, what does Vinpok represent? Vinpok’s Macbook accessories give users a better way to get things done on the go. Indiegogo was able to help Vinpok uplevel that into a brand philosophy that was aspirational and represented a life of efficiency and productivity for users.

User Testing

Would a target persona actually back the campaign? Once the campaign page was built, Indiegogo surveyed backers from its community of early adopters. They wanted to find out if the campaign page appealed to them, and if the product’s function was clear. Vinpok was able to use this feedback to tweak the campaign page accordingly.

Where Were Vinpok Backers Located?

Thanks to their more differentiated branding, Vinpok increased global appeal. The Vinpok Split solved pain points for business travelers, graphic designers, and students all over the world, helping customers achieve a more ideal remote working life.

Will You Be the Next VIP Campaign?

Apply for the Indiegogo China Global Fast-Track Program, and you might be selected to receive VIP Services. Tell us a little more about your product — it will only take about three minutes of your time. If you’re a good fit for the Fast-Track program, our team will contact you to set up a time to discuss your idea further.

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